Peace Week 2!: What’s Your Part?

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18)

I like that God knows that we live in the real world. He doesn’t hand out impossible commands and then sit back to laugh at us when we inevitably fail. God gives us loving commands that he knows are for our good – and then he helps his children to succeed in following after Jesus.

peace_350Today’s verse is a perfect example. Built into it is the understanding that some people will just absolutely refuse to be at peace with us. God knows that I can’t control you. If you have declared yourself my enemy, I can’t force you to change that – and he doesn’t expect me to.

On the other hand, this command sets the bar really high for us. If we follow it, it means we never get to be the reason someone isn’t at peace with us. We must own our part of the conflict, even if our part is only 5 percent, and try to make it right. If the other guy (or girl) is willing to make peace, God-obeyers say “yes.” Every time.

We are the peacemakers.

Think: Have you ever tried hard to make peace with someone who just would not forgive you or accept you? How often are you the reason a conflict remains unresolved?

Pray: Ask God to help you to make peace with as many people in your life as possible.

Do: If you have any outstanding conflicts, call, text, or talk to someone who might not be okay with you in attempt to own up to your part and make peace.