Go: Love Each Other

“Keep on loving each other as brothers.” (Hebrews 13:1)

Some people measure Christianity as a collection of “don’t” statements. Even some Christians seem to think that a relationship with God is mostly about what we do NOT do. By that logic, the best Christian would be the one who never does anything at all.

go_350But the writer of Hebrews, after making the case for faith in Jesus as the only way to receive God’s grace, ends his long letter with a command cluster of DO statements. His point is that our faith should compel us to take action – to DO something and not just sit there.

This week, we’ll look at 7 things Jesus followers can go and do – because we are Jesus followers. The first is familiar: Keep loving other Christians like brothers. We are family. Real family, God’s family, loves with the forgiving, patient, understanding, grace-giving, helping hand, showing up, not letting go love of Jesus.

Let’s go and do that today.

Think: Have you ever been tempted to define your relationship with God by what you do NOT do? Why is a don’t list an unhealthy way to measure what it means to follow Jesus?

Pray: Ask God to help you to keep on loving other believers as brothers.

Do: Make a list of 3 specific ways you could show the love of Jesus to some other Christians this week.