Church 101: More Every Day?

“And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” (Acts 2:47)

We’ve spent this last week looking at a snapshot of what the early New Testament church was like. We’ve seen what it meant to these brand new Christians to “do church.” It’s helpful to notice what church was like for them, because they were the first ones to be the church (at least in the way we think of it), and they received all their instructions directly from Jesus’ apostles.

church_350I’m sure there are things you like – and don’t – about your own church. I’d guess the Christians in your church are like these first “churchies” in some ways and not in others. Every church could learn from their commitment to and enjoyment of each other – all while following after Jesus.

The last thing we notice in today’s verse is that people were being saved and joining them every single day. What if that happened in your church? Would people be surprised, excited, confused, upset? Is it something your community is hoping for?

God wants to bring people into relationship with him through Jesus. And he can do that through your local church. Do you expect that he will? Have you asked him to help make it happen?

Think: Would you guess that someone gets saved every day through the ministries or relationships of people in your church? Is that a realistic goal? What expectations do you think most of the people in your church have for seeing new people become Christians and become part of your church family?

Pray: Thank God that he is active in working through the church to reach out to lost people right now. Ask him to help your church to be a place where people get saved and grow in Christ.

Do: Ask someone in leadership in your church what they expect or hope for in terms of new people getting saved and becoming part of your church family.