Walk This Way: Like Jesus

“Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.” (1 John 2:6)

What if a perfectly healthy 28-year-old guy had never walked in his whole life – not because he couldn’t, just because he never felt like it? He never got around to it. Maybe someday when he’s older.

walk_350Guess what? That never happens. Human babies who can walk always do eventually. If they don’t, they’re not healthy. Something is wrong that needs fixing.

But I know some Christians who think it’s perfectly normal not to walk in the way of Jesus. They seem to think you can be a healthy Christian without ever moving your spiritual legs, without ever getting up and following after Jesus. Guess what? Healthy Christians always walk – unless there’s something seriously wrong. (We might fall down a lot, but that’s because we’re walking in the first place.)

We’re going to talk for the next week or two about what we should expect to see our spiritual legs doing as we grow up in Christ. Where should these wobbly new legs be taking us? What should be different about us than if we were not Christians, at all? Come back tomorrow.

Think: What does the idea of walking as Jesus did mean to you? Do you expect to see yourself walking more and more like him as you grow as a Christian?

Pray: Ask God to help you to understand what it means to walk as Jesus did – and then ask him to help you to continue to do that.

Do: If you want to read ahead, check out Romans 12:9-21 to see what kind of hiking we’ll be talking about for the next two weeks.