Fear v. God: Kingdoms Fall

“Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; he lifts his voice, the earth melts.” (Psalms 46:6)

Have the first four words of this verse ever not been true? Whether or not you follow politics or current events, you have likely noticed that the fight for political power in every nation is endless—as is the fight for dominance between nations. Men and kingdoms come to power and eventually fade away.

fear_350It’s not surprising how much fear this generates. When grabbing for power and control, men are ruthless, able to justify every form of evil from genocide to slavery to suffocating taxes.

But the God of peace is not afraid of nations. He holds the earth together and can melt it with a word. (And one day he will.) Whatever we fear from the roaring of the nations, we should make sure we are on the side of – in the safe refuge through faith in Jesus of – the God who can squash them at will. There is no safe country apart from him.

And there is no need for fear in his hands even when all is lost on earth.

Think: How much fear in your life comes from political or international turmoil? Why does belonging to God help with that fear even if the threat of harm still exists?

Pray: Thank God that he is more powerful than any politician, nation, or war. Ask him to help you to trust him even on the darkest days.

Do: Notice how the nations are roaring this week and think about God’s power over them.