The Code: Good Hate?

“. . . who despises a vile man but honors those who fear the LORD . . .” (Psalm 15:4)

Wait a minute! Didn’t David just write that part of this God-woshipper’s code was not to be hurtful to people, to carry compassion in our hearts and speak it with our mouths? Yes, that’s what I heard, too. So how does he turn around and say we should “despise” the bad guys?

sand_350The context here is important. David is not saying we should walk around with bitterness and resentment in our hearts toward anyone who does something wrong. He’s talking about what you will do with your own personal influence. In David’s time, people would give their loyalty and allegiance to a leader based on what he could do for them.

But what if that leader is a “vile man” who worships false idols, who participates in human sacrifice, who takes advantage of people for his personal gain? A God-worshipper should not give his “stamp of approval” to that person, even if it will make life easier for him. A “with God” person points his friends and neighbors to other God-honoring people.

Think: How are you using the power of your influence? What people, TV shows, and bands do you officially “approve”? Do you honor people of character or people who openly do wrong without caring about the consequences?

Pray: Ask God to help you use any influence you have to promote people who honor him.

Do: Make a list of the top ten leaders, entertainment, and books you “approve of” with your friends. Put a check mark by the ones that demonstrate respect for God.