Sin & Death: Dead, Then Not

“If we have been united with him like this in his death, we will certainly also be united with him in his resurrection. ” (Romans 6:5)

Yesterday we talked about getting dead as a path to a brand new life. By placing all of our hope in Jesus’ death for our salvation — by accepting that our whole life is His, is “Christ-ian” — we were spiritually duct taped to Him in His death.

sandd_350The Good News is that duct tape — or spiritual superglue or [fill in analogy for unbreakable bond here] — holds and carries us right through the death and the burial to the resurrection. Do you get what that means? As a Christian, your spirit cannot, will not, die again (even when your body croaks). You are alive, just as Jesus was alive when He walked out of His tomb. Death can’t hurt you.

More: When you do croak, buy the farm, kick the bucket, take your last desperate gasp of air on this fallen planet, your body will be resurrected and made brand new and eternal and perfect, just like Jesus’ is. Because of Jesus. Through faith in Jesus. You are united with Him forever. Right now — and then — you are absolutely free from the power of sin and the threat of death.

So why do we still sin? More tomorrow.

Think: Do you usually think of yourself as being “united with Christ”? How should that change the way we think about ourselves?

Pray: Think about what resurrection is worth to you, then think about what you paid for it. Thank God for the gift of eternal life.

Do: Read about how your present and future resurrection should change your life today in Colossians 3:1-4.