Be Holy: Don’t Miss It

“See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” (Hebrews 12:15)

How can anyone miss the grace of God? It’s what makes God so . . . God, right? He gives through faith in Jesus what we do not deserve — eternity in heaven with Him. Not after we earn it with a lot of good works and not so we can earn it later with a lot more good works.

holy_350He gives it to us who trust in Christ for free as a present because He loves us. He likes us, even. Without the grace of God, well, I’m out. I’m empty. I’ve got nothing but a future in hell that I earned with a giant pile of sin I could tell you about. It’s steaming and ugly and makes me want to throw up when I think of it. (Really.) God, in His grace, offers forgiveness for all of that.

So why do so many miss the grace of God? One reason is that it doesn’t sound like a great deal to them. They’ve priced their own sinfulness so low, they simply can’t believe God’s grace is worth much. “Look at me! What is there to forgive? Why do I need Jesus to die for me? That’s for real sinners.”

That’s one way to miss God’s grace.

Think: This verse tells us to see to it that nobody misses God’s grace. How can we help people “catch” it?

Pray: Thank God for His grace for all who trust in Jesus. Ask Him to make that grace obvious in your changed life.

Do: Make a short list of a few people you know who might be missing the grace of God because they can’t see their own need for it.