Mockery Week: Psalms & Proverbs

“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.” (Psalm 1:1)

Welcome to Mockery Week on the devo—a whole week devoted to discovering the downside of being what David and his wise son Solomon called a “mocker.”

mock_350What’s a mocker? It’s more than just someone who likes to make fun of people to get laughs. Solomon, especially, used the word to describe someone who tends to make fun of everything, including and especially the things of God. We might say a mocker is someone with an attitude problem—someone quick to label nearly anything “stupid.”

Mockers can be hilarious. There’s an art form to putting down people or ideas in a funny way. So why does wisdom warn us against being a mocker or even hanging out with them? Stay tuned this week to find out.

Think: Do you ever fall into a habit of mocking anything and everything? Do you see that as a problem or just a way of being funny? Is there a difference between giving a friend a hard time for fun and seriously mocking people you don’t agree with?

Pray: Ask God to help you to understand this week how not to be a mocker.

Do: Keep your eyes open this week for examples of mean-spirited, angry, or rebellious mockery.