Psalm 40: The Spotify in My Heart

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the LORD. ” (Psalm 40:3)

Maybe more than ever, people love music. You can say it’s because of the technology. The ability to record and playback music was a revolution, and the explosion of the Internet and mp3 players and streaming audio in the last few years changed everything again.

ps40_350I don’t know about you, but I listen to all kinds of artists and styles of music now— just because its so easy and fun and satisfying—that I never would have heard in the days of buying and playing CDs one at a time or waiting for songs I liked to pop up on the radio.

Over and over David says that music is evidence of God’s goodness. Specifically, God changes the soundtrack of our hearts by saving us from destruction and treating us with kindness. He gives us new songs to sing, songs about his goodness.

Think: How often do you think of music as being God’s gift to you? How often do you sing songs to him that demonstrate how good you think he is?

Pray: Thank God for music. Thank him specifically for changing the soundtrack in your heart by always meeting your needs. Ask him to help you sing about his goodness.

Do: Either alone now or in church soon, sing a song to God about how good he is. Remember that music is a gift from him.