Psalm 40: Talk Talk Talk about It

“I proclaim righteousness in the great assembly; I do not seal my lips, as you know, O LORD.

“I do not hide your righteousness in my heart; I speak of your faithfulness and salvation. I do not conceal your love and your truth from the great assembly.” (Psalm 40:9-10)

How can we possibly respond to the absolute goodness of God in a way that makes sense? In a way that fits? Yesterday, we saw that David’s first response was to change his wants, to feel the desire to live for God.

ps40_350Now he says the next logical response is to talk about God’s goodness. That makes so much sense to me, but I’ve noticed that most of us are either forgetful or just really shy when it comes to talking about how big God’s goodness to us has been.

We need to get out some solvent and unseal our lips so all kinds of words about God’s goodness can come flowing out of us. We need to stop playing hide-and-seek with what we know from experience about God’s love, about his mercy, about his goodness.

Think: Do you ever want to talk about God’s goodness and feel like your mouth is sealed shut for some reason? What could you do to make it easier to say something out loud to another person about how good God really is to you?

Pray: Ask God to give you the desire and the courage to proclaim his goodness to other believers and maybe even to some non-Christians.

Do: Make a plan to say out loud one good thing about God to another person sometime this week.