Psalm 40: Happy Now?

“But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who love your salvation always say, “The LORD be exalted!” (Psalm 40:16)

God wants you to be happy. Be careful now. Some people hear those words and reach a wrong conclusion. They take that truth and start twisting until it becomes a crippling lie.

ps40_350“Because God wants me to be happy, I’m going to have sex with my girlfriend. After all, that’s what makes me happy.” Or, “Going to church doesn’t really make me happy, so it must not work.”

David’s request here—and God’s will for us—is to find our happiness in looking for God, to see his goodness as a reason celebrate. When he rescues us (and he has rescued Christians from hell through Jesus), David expects that to pull positive emotion from us, along with our praise for God.

Think: Have you ever found yourself feeling glad as a result of God’s goodness to you? Do you think it’s a problem if we don’t tend to experience positive emotions in response to God’s love for us?

Pray: Ask God what David asked of him, that as his follower you would celebrate and be happy in him.

Do: Make a quick list of some of the things or experiences that make you happy. Circle the ones that have to do with seeking God or experiencing his goodness.