Reading Gaius’s Mail: Who’s Your Mentor?

“The elder, To my dear friend Gaius, whom I love in the truth.” (3 John 1)

We’re going to spend this next week reading someone else’s mail. Is that wrong? Not this time. The tiny book of 3 John is one of only two New Testament letters addressed to a specific person and seemingly intended as “personal mail.” (A Scooby Snack for the first person to name the other.)

reading_350Still, John’s letter to Gaius is the inspired Word of God, and we’re going to mine it for some real and helpful truth. The first thing you’ll notice is that “the elder,” apparently, had been a kind of mentor to Gaius. He calls him a dear friend and says he loves him “in the truth.”

Do you have any Christian mentors in your life – someone wiser than you that cares enough to help you understand better how to walk in the truth? If not, ask God to send you a good one who will be committed to the truth of God, above all, and willing to help you learn to love it, too.

Think: What would you say are the qualities of a good Christian mentor or discipler? How many Christians in your life love you “in the truth”? How many people do you love with that kind of unconditional, godly love?

Pray: Thank God for the mentors in your life. If you need a spiritual mentor, ask him to send you one that loves his truth – and let him know you’re available to help disciple someone else as you grow more wise and mature.

Do: Make a quick list of the top 3 spiritual teachers in your life and 3 people you love and serve “in the truth.”